Podcast: Catching up with Swine Industry Entrepreneur Joel Harris with the Ag Start Up Engine


In today’s episode we connect with Joel Harris from Ag Start Up Engine. We discuss everything related to the wonderful Animal Health startup Harrisvaccines (which he and his Father Hank started) which is now owned by Merck Animal Health. Joel talks about his family story, the Ag Start Up Engine and how entrepreneurs in Iowa now have investors options. We have a great discussion about why Joel likes to help entrepreneurs, along with his latest Animal Health start up he is creating. Joel continues with to discuss the Ag Start Up Engine providing a sneak peak to new companies set to join. Also listen for his Ag-Tech nugget and defining moment in Agriculture!

About Our Guest:

Joel is the President of Charter Oak Creative, a consulting practice focusing on helping startups and entrepreneurs solve problems. Formerly he was the Director of Product at GlobalVetLINK and prior to that was VP of Harrisvaccines which was acquired by Merck Animal Health in November of 2015. Along with coordinating investor relations and mentoring at the Ag Startup Engine, he participates in several advisory and mentoring roles to entrepreneurs and startups in the SaaS, Agtech, Biotech, and Healthcare industries between Chicago, Iowa City, and Ames. Joel holds a degree in economics from the University of Iowa and a professional certificate in public relations, marketing, and non-fiction writing from Northwestern University.