Podcast: 15 % Benchmark in Pork Sales for this Ontario Butcher. The Meat Industry and the correlation to sell more Pork to create demand, with Nick Gilmour


In this Podcast we examine the success of Gilmours Meat Market, and how attributes to a modern meat market can drive Pork sales.

Nick Gilmour has been in the Meat business for generations ago in the Family business, his dad retired and then a few years later, he had the itch to get back into the Meat business he opened up a shop in Harrow Smith Ontario and has been rapidly expanding into Belleville Ontario along with other growing businesses.

What can you learn about in this episode:

-We touch on the industry and how better tasting Pork is needed to drive sales. We discuss the Other White meat campaign and how we need a more effective strategy to increase the number of Pork sold in the shop.

-We touch on branding, customer service and an experience consumers need on the Retail side to create more demand.

-Nick talks about his story, and his family legacy in the Meat business.

-We touch base on the success of the online ordering Gilmour’s provides, how the trends or changing with consumers picking the products and cuts they want through the online platform.

-We discuss the reality of increasing Pork Sales and a relative number to achieve.

-Golden Chop, Nick offers advice on entrepreneur success.