Plant-based Nutriion for Stress Management and Immunity Support


Herb-AllTMGUT manages non-speciic diarrhoea for faster recovering from dysentery and thus reduces the medicaion treatment. It is recommended in animal farming where diarrhoea frequency is high. It is recommended in animal farming where diarrhea frequency is high, mainly in young animals such as piglets and calves. The product is used during at least 2 -3 weeks as prophylacic. Good results are also obtained prior to slaughter and before regrouping animals.

Trial with weaned piglets in Danish research farm

The goal of this trial was to test diferent alternaives to anibioics when an unspeciic diarrhoea (liquid faeces) was observed. Herb-AllTMGUT was used at a dose of 1.5 kg per ton of feed staring from weaning during a period of 6 weeks. The results showed a signiicant reducion in mortality and higher perfomances. Age at weaning was 28 days (140 pigs per group).

Inclusion rates: Calves, piglets and other young animals:  500 g – 1.5 kg / t of feed Adult animals:      1 – 1.5 kg / t of feed Dosage for a well-deined period:    15 – 25 g / 100 kg of body weight / day


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