Ontario Pork Producer expansion set for a Father and Son Tag Team


Father and son ramping up for Eastern Ontario Hog Farm Expansion

Tweed, Ontario, is known more for Elvis sightings than Pig Production.  Slack Family Farms Inc, is just outside of Tweed, Ontario, in a gorgeous rural setting of Granite Rock Cropping’s at the beginning of the Canadian Shield territory, has received approvals to expand their Hog Farm business.

The current operation in Tweed has been running since 2002 and operates under 2400 Finishing Spaces and 600 Nursery spaces. The expanded location (at the original family farm for Owner Mark Slack) in Erinsville Ontario (which used to be a Cow Calf Operation) will house 625 Sows and 600 Nursery spaces.

This is a celebrated expansion; Mark’s son Johnathan is returning home educated and actively enthused and excited about Agriculture. They have a passion for helping the food supply chain and creating a solid process for Canadian Food Production.

“When my son came home from University, we talked expansion, during that time several companies wanted us to come on as a multiplier.  The last few contracts were Gilt extension contracts and wean to finish. We plan to market 4000 Gilts a year”.  Mark Slack, President of Slack Family Farms states.

Even though Mark was a Beef producer originally, he met his wife while he attended University of Guelph in 1988. Mark’s wife Sarah managed a farrowing operation outside of Rockwood from 1988-1997. “We both worked in the barns and eventually we fulfilled our dream to move back to Eastern Ontario in 2002 and grow our operation.  Now we get to come full circle, with our son with the expansion being on the Farm that I grew up on is truly special.”

Slack Family Farms Inc puts a keen focus on tremendous record keeping and Production Records. Striving for efficiency is vital for being a small operation. The family pledges to be environmentally sound with a stringent focus on bio-security measures. As they ramp up expansion, they will continue to be looking for gilt development contracts to expand on.

The Farm located in Erinvsille, Ontario, hopes to be in full operation by the end of 2020.


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