On-Farm Experience with Swine Liquid Feeding: Research Unit at Arkell Swine – University of Guelph

Author(s): D. Columbus, J. Zhu, D. Woods, J. Squire, E. Jeaurond and K. de Lange
Publication Date: April 5, 2006
Reference: London Swine Conference, 2006
Country: Canada



The University of Guelph installed a liquid feeding system at their Arkell station. The system is unique because it has feed prepared for individual troughs, and it uses high pressured air to move feed. Some modifications had to be made to the system post-installation to reduce blockages. As well, pelleted feed had to be crumbled first before adding in. The feed system was accurate in delivering the correct amount of wet and dry components to each trough. Build up, fouling, and feed wastage have all been low with the system. Feed efficiency was increased on the liquid feed, and growth performance was unchanged. For starter pigs, growth performance was slightly lower, however the pigs fed a liquid diet were not fed ad libitum.

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