Niman Ranch Impact Report


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We are proud to share Niman Ranch’s first impact report. This is not your traditional corporate sustainability report, because we are not a traditional company. For most companies, success is measured based on efficiency, scale and quantity. At Niman Ranch, we have always gauged our success on the positive impact we have on our four pillars: independent family farmers, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare and great taste.

In this report, we have collected data and stories that highlight our brand journey and the impact we have made over the years. From the leadership of women in the Niman Ranch community who developed the very first protocols for humane animal care to a brand-new study quantifying the outsize collective impact of small Niman Ranch farms on rural economies, we have always punched above our weight—a small brand making a big impact.

Looking forward, we will proceed on our continuous improvement journey, always prioritizing the wellbeing of our farmers and ranchers, the planet, animals in our care and everyone along the supply chain. Thank you for joining us on this path forward.

Download the complete report