Niman Ranch Honored with 2019 Good Food Farmer and Purveyor of the Year Award by the Good Food 100 Restaurants™


Niman Ranch has been awarded the 2019 Good Food 100 Good Food Farmer and Purveyor of the Year award recognizing its commitment to sustainability, transparency and leading the way in changing the food system for good. The 2019 Good Food 100 Restaurants Good Food Farmer and Purveyor of the Year Awards honor and celebrate up to one farmer, rancher, fisherman or one purveyor/distributor nominated by the participating 2019 Good Food 100 chefs in each region. The Good Food 100 Restaurants™ is a partner of the James Beard Foundation.

“We are truly honored to be recognized as the 2019 Good Food 100 Farmer of the Year,” said Paul Willis, Niman Ranch Founding Hog Farmer. “The Niman Ranch network of 740 farmers and ranchers all share a passion for and commitment to sustainability, humane animal care and producing the finest tasting meat available. I am proud of the leadership role Niman Ranch has played in building a better food system and look forward to continuing on this journey alongside Good Food 100.”

“Restaurant sustainability begins with sourcing. Good Food 100 Restaurants couldn’t do what they do without access to good food. We’re proud to honor producers and purveyors like Niman Ranch that are leading the way to support every link in the food chain and bringing good food to the table,” said Sara Brito, co-founder and president, Good Food 100 Media Network. “With sustainability and transparency at the center of the industry and cultural conversation, now is the time to recognize and celebrate the farmers, ranchers, fishermen and purveyors who provide chefs, restaurants and eaters with good food.”

Whether they’re raising hogs, cattle or lamb, Niman Ranch farmers and ranchers share a commitment to traditional farming – raising livestock the way their parents and grandparents did and supporting rural communities. All Niman Ranch livestock are raised on pasture or in deeply bedded pens where they are able to socialize, play and exhibit their natural instincts. They are never given antibiotics or added hormones—ever—and are only fed a high-quality vegetarian diet. This shared commitment to sustainable and humane methods produces the best possible flavor.

The Good Food 100 Restaurants™ is an annual, highly-esteemed list of restaurants—fast casual to fine dining to food service businesses—helping to build a better food system by using their purchasing power to support local/state, regional, and national good food farmers, ranchers, fishermen and purveyors. For more information on the 2019 Good Food 100 Restaurants list and the 2019 Good Food 100 Good Food Farmer and Purveyor Awards, please visit the Good Food 100 Restaurants website.


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