Niman Ranch Applauds Chipotle’s Cultivate the Future of Farming Initiative


Chipotle’s announcement today clearly demonstrates they are willing to put their beliefs into action. We applaud their initiative to support young farmers and rural America in uncertain times for agriculture. We’re honored to be partners in this effort, building on our 13-year strategy to support the next generation of farmers at Niman Ranch. The average age of our farmers is 43, in stark contrast to the national average of 58 years old.

Chipotle and Niman Ranch have a history going back two decades, together promoting real food raised with care. Today’s announcement adds another chapter to our shared legacy supporting farmers and sustainable agriculture.

Chipotle is using their Food with Integrity platform to tell the American public about the crisis in agriculture and the challenges that young farmers face. The public is demanding a purpose behind their purchases and the best companies are responding. Chipotle’s new 3-year purchase commitments to Niman Ranch young farmers provides much needed stability as they establish themselves. In addition, Chipotle’s fivefold increase in support of  the Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation will help educate future farmers and agriculture leaders. We could not be more proud to be aligned and work with Chipotle.”


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