New Study Finds Swine Veterinarians at Risk for Personality Deficiencies


Have you ever heard a colleague say, “The pigs are easy; people are the challenge”? Do you ever wonder why connecting with some people is more difficult for you than with others? Perhaps you’ve found some clients, colleagues, employees or supervisors easier to motivate and influence than others. If so, then join your AASV peers for the “Leading People” seminar at the AASV Annual Meeting in San Diego. But don’t plan on waiting until the meeting to sign up – pre-registration by February 9 is required in order to participate in this seminar!

The “Leading People” seminar will focus on enhancing the leadership and communication styles of participants based on the DiSC model. Participants will be provided access to complete their individualized DiSC assessment prior to the seminar. The results will be revealed during the interactive seminar, and participants will learn strategies to create more effective and productive working relationships by enhancing their quality of communication and leadership. This seminar is the perfect opportunity to learn about your DiSC personality style and use it to enhance your leadership abilities in a setting tailored specifically for swine veterinarians!

The seminar’s leadership coach, Amy Grinley, is a psychology graduate of Central College (Pella, Iowa) with post-graduate Industrial Relations training from Iowa State University. She has more than 20 years’ experience in training and development with companies such as MBS, Inc., Coach House Gifts (Hallmark), and Smithfield Hog Production. She is currently serving as the Talent Development Manager for Smithfield Foods and is responsible for employee and organizational development through programs that enhance and advance key organizational objectives.

See for the seminar program details, and go to to register.


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