New Partnership Provides Chinese Pork Producers in the Henan Province with Hypor Large White Gilts



Chinese swine genetics company, Yanshishi Heyang Animal Husbandry, is supplying pork producers in the Henan province with breeding gilts as part of its new partnership with Hypor

On September 28, Yanshishi Heyang Animal Husbandry signed an agreement with Hypor to become a genetic multiplier. Yanshishi has the capacity to house 1,900 sows, and will start with 500 grandparent gilts in 2016. “Yanshishi initially partnered with Hypor two years ago due to Hypor’s high quality genetics and good service,” says Hypor China Sales and Service Director Xiaoping Zhou. “The new agreement will allow Yanshishi to expand the partnership and supply quality breeding pigs to their clients.”

Hypor will ship grandparent gilts to Yanshishi annually during the next five years. The Hypor Large White sow’s balanced traits, such as large litter production and fast growth rates, make the sow ideal for the Chinese market.  “The Chinese pork industry demands sows that can produce large litters of live pigs that grow fast and that are feed efficient,” Zhou says. The Hypor Large White is a maternal pure line that is prolific with a high weaning capacity. The sow is developed to produce large litters of fast growing pigs that are both feed efficient and lean. “Chinese pork producers pay close attention to conformation and muscling,” Zhou says. “Hypor’s boars meet this demand because they produce quality meat and have a high Feed Conversion Rate (FCR).”

Yanshishi supplies genetics to pork producers in the central part of China. “This is a great opportunity for Hypor to reach pork producers in China,” Zhou says. China is the world leader in pork production.


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