Minnesota Pig Farmers and University of Minnesota Partner for Ground Pork Donation


What               In the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic, the Minnesota Pork Board (MPB) and the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) teamed up to provide ground pork for families in need. Due to a bottleneck in the food supply chain, the Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science opened its doors and continued processing operations. At this point in time, nearly 12,300 pounds of ground pork has been donated to Second Harvest Heartland, with the partnership expected to continue throughout the summer months with no definite end date.

                       The donation will be loaded onto a Second Harvest Heartland truck and shipped to the warehouse. Following the donation shipment, University of Minnesota and Second Harvest Heartland representatives (listed below) will be available for interview via phone or video, to comply with social distancing recommendations.

Who               Allison O’Toole, chief executive officer, Second Harvest Heartland

                       Brian Buhr, dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences, University of Minnesota

                       Ryan Cox, associate professor, CFANS and meat specialist, University of Minnesota Extension

                       Mike Patterson, Minnesota pig farmer


When              Monday, June 15, 2020
                           1:00 p.m. loading and shipping of Minnesota Pork Board and University of Minnesota                                donation to Second Harvest Heartland


Where             University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus

                        Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Sci ence                       

                        1354 Eckles Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota


Visuals          The third shipment, 12,300 pounds total to date, of ground pork to be donated to Second                           Harvest Heartland. Andrew Boss Meat Laboratory staff loading boxes of ground                                         pork onto Second Harvest Heartland truck.

Minnesota Pork Board, University of Minnesota, and Second Harvest Heartland representatives working together to help Minnesota families.

Contact           Katelyn Gradert


                        (507) 345-8814

Lori Fligge
(612) 626-5754


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