Genesus Global Market Report France June 2024

Philippe Mallétroit – Director for France and Africa

Hog market price

The last two weeks, the hog price increased by 5.2 cents in France to reach 2.055 € per kg carcass in the last market of 24th of June. The prices remain high overall in Europe. Nevertheless, we can see some prices differences between European countries, including the average price paid to producers:



Pork tomorrow

Few days ago, the French national pig association INAPORC* presented its “pork tomorrow” approach.

In 2023, pork is the most consumed meat in France with an average of 30.6 kg per capita (29.5 kg per capita for poultry and 21.3 kg for beef). Nevertheless, the consumption of pork is threatened by the decrease of self-sufficiency and weakening of packers and processing companies.

Due to the decline in the number of pig producers, French pig industry has only produced 99% of the total consumption of the French market in January 2024 against 101% in January 2023. Moreover, imports of European charcuterie are increasing. About 20% of charcuteries sold in French supermarket are imported.

At the same time, packing plants and processing plants suffer of the hog market price increase and also of the increase of their production costs (energy, packaging, transportation, labour).

Following this observation, INAPORC has decided to take charge of its future and commit to a social responsibility approach. This approach is called “Demain le porc” (Pork tomorrow).

Five main objectives have been defined by 2035:

  • Food sovereignty: at least 100% self-sufficiency and 50% of the pork products with logo “Le Porc Français” to guarantee the French origin of the pork
  • Generational renewal and improving working conditions: ensure that 100% of pigs farms are taken over
  • Environmental protection, by reducing greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions
  • Strengthen health and public health guarantees: 100% of the pig farms audited for biosecurity, continue to reduce use of antibiotics for the producers and use of nitrite for pork processors
  • Animal welfare: free housing in gestation and lactation for 50% of the sows in 2035, improvement of welfare for transport and in slaughterhouses

*INAPORC includes all parties of French pig industry (pig producers, cooperatives, feed producers, slaughterhouses, processors, butchers …)

Source : Marché du Porc Français, INAPORC