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Who is APC?

While you may have heard of APC, chances are you may not know much about who we are and what we do. We’ve been in the business of manufacturing spray-dried plasma proteins for more than 35 years, but typically work behind the scenes. In this edition of Timely Topics, we’ll provide you with more information about the company behind spray-dried plasma.

APC is one of seven independent companies owned by The Lauridsen Group, Inc.

–   We are a third-generation, family owned company.

–   Our headquarters is in Ankeny, Iowa.

–   APC employs approximately 500 people.

–   We operate 20 manufacturing facilities in nine countries worldwide.

APC was created in 1981 with a commitment to research and a passion for animal nutrition. The company has grown to become the largest global manufacturer and supplier of porcine and bovine blood plasma and red blood cell products used in the swine, ruminant, poultry, aquaculture, pet food and biostimulant industries.

A few interesting facts about APC and plasma include:

–   APC continuously works on research and development projects, including processing technologies in the pilot plant at our LGI Advancement Building (the LAB).

–   APC offers product options, including 100% Bovine, UV Processed Porcine and Bovine, PEDv Negative Porcine Plasma, plus Appetein granular plasma.

–   More than 500 peer-reviewed journal articles document the safety and efficacy of spray-dried plasma.

–   Only APC uses UV-C technology to inactivate potential viruses and bacteria from liquid plasma.

Be sure to follow APC on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/apcinc/


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