U.S. Pork Shines Bright in Japan

Expanding Horizons in Japan’s Culinary Scene

The landscape for global pork demand is evolving, and U.S. pork is right at the heart of it.

We’re proud to share a significant achievement in NPB’s ongoing efforts to expand the global market demand for U.S. pork, showcasing the return on Pork Checkoff investments.

A New Chapter of Culinary Collaboration in Japan

Thanks to the strength of our strategic partnership with the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), a popular retail chain in Japan began selling 100% U.S. pork effective Sept. 1.

Japan, with its rich culinary history, has long been a hub for pork consumption. Tonkatsu, a delicious, breaded pork filet, is one of the nation’s most adored dishes.

Katsuya, the largest tonkatsu chain in Japan with 450 outlets, has transitioned to 100% U.S. pork, resulting in a staggering volume of approximately 1.7 million pounds per month.

A change like this is not just a testament to U.S. pork quality, but also a nod to our supply capabilities. Katsuya’s transition from Canadian pork to U.S. pork speaks volumes about our commitment and efficiency.

Learn how NPB’s global market growth strategy continues to put U.S. pork on the map.

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