Tennessee Processing Plant Roane Pork to Open with $1M State Grant Support

Anticipation is building as a new processing plant in Tennessee gears up to open its doors next year, fueled by a substantial injection of funds from the state’s Forestry, Agriculture, and Rural Markets cost share program (FARM).

Roane Custom Beef and Pork is in the midst of constructing a sprawling 10,000-square-foot facility within the Roane County Industrial Park, nestled in the heart of Rockwood, Tennessee. The upcoming plant has been meticulously designed to efficiently process up to 3,760 animals annually, extending its services to approximately 5,500 farmers across a vast 17-county expanse. These details emerged from a recent company news release, laying out the ambitious scope of the endeavor.

The FARM cost share program, carefully crafted to invigorate and fortify the intricate agriculture and forestry supply chain, has cast its supportive gaze on diverse businesses, including the dynamic realm of meat processing plants. In a remarkable display of commitment, the inaugural round of funding poured forth over $18 million, nurturing 20 distinct entities spanning agriculture, food, forestry, and nonprofit sectors throughout the state. Rooted in the goal of amplifying sustainability and resilience within these sectors, the program stands as a driving force behind Tennessee’s broader economic and agricultural tapestry.

The impending debut of the Roane Custom Beef and Pork processing plant stands as a resounding testament to the palpable impact of the FARM cost share initiative. With the project’s momentum building and the commencement of operations earmarked for 2024, the enterprise is poised to not only enrich the local economy but also furnish indispensable services to farmers spanning a wide geographical canvas. This strategic infusion of resources underscores the state’s unwavering dedication to nurturing growth and spurring innovation within its agricultural and rural spheres, all while proactively engaging with the evolving needs of the industry. As the countdown to the plant’s grand opening continues, it heralds a promising future marked by collaboration, progress, and prosperity.