Smithfield Foods to Close Pork Processing Plant in Charlotte, North Carolina

Smithfield Foods Streamlines Operations by Closing Charlotte Pork-Processing Plant

In a move to enhance operational efficiency and optimize existing capacity, Smithfield Foods is set to close its pork-processing plant in Charlotte, North Carolina. The production will be consolidated into the Tar Heel facility, also located in North Carolina. The company is committed to supporting the 107 affected employees through financial and transition assistance, exploring options such as transfers to other Smithfield locations. A financial incentive package is offered to hourly employees who stay until the plant’s final production day in December. Doug Sutton, Chief Manufacturing Officer for Smithfield Foods, emphasized the priority of providing transition support to the affected employees and expressed gratitude for their commitment to producing food responsibly. With nearly 40,000 employees in the U.S. and over 10,000 in North Carolina, Smithfield continues to adapt its operations to meet evolving demands.