Smithfield Foods to Close Altoona, Iowa Facility

Smithfield Foods has announced the closure of its Altoona, Iowa, facility, set to take effect in August 2024. This decision is part of Smithfield’s broader strategy to optimize its operations and enhance efficiency across its network. The closure will impact approximately 150 employees, who will be offered severance packages, career transition support, and opportunities to apply for open positions at other Smithfield locations.

The Altoona facility has been instrumental in Smithfield’s supply chain, focusing on pork processing and distribution. However, the company identified that consolidating operations would better align with its long-term goals and market demands. The decision reflects Smithfield’s commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the evolving pork industry.

Smithfield is working closely with local and state officials to mitigate the impact on the Altoona community. The company plans to repurpose or sell the facility, ensuring minimal disruption to the local economy. This strategic move aims to streamline Smithfield’s operations while continuing to provide high-quality pork products to its customers.

For more details, visit the Smithfield Foods press release.