Seaboard Foods Welcomes New President and CEO Chad Groves

Seaboard Foods has announced the appointment of Chad Groves as the new President and CEO, following the retirement of former CEO Peter Brown. Groves, who previously served as Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Innovation, officially assumed his new role on July 1. His extensive experience in sales and marketing is expected to drive Seaboard Foods’ commitment to innovation, customer service, and product quality.

Under Groves’ leadership, Seaboard Foods aims to further strengthen its renowned Prairie Fresh® and Daily’s® brands in both domestic and international markets. The company looks forward to leveraging Groves’ expertise to continue its trajectory of growth and excellence in the pork industry.

In his previous roles, Groves has been instrumental in advancing Seaboard Foods’ market position and enhancing its product offerings. His leadership is anticipated to bring a renewed focus on strategic initiatives, including sustainability and technological advancements in pork production.

The succession plan ensures a seamless transition, reflecting Seaboard Foods’ dedication to maintaining leadership stability and continuity. The company has expressed confidence in Groves’ vision and capability to lead Seaboard Foods into a new era of success.

This leadership change marks an exciting chapter for Seaboard Foods, promising continued innovation and excellence under Groves’ guidance.

For more information, read the full announcement on Seaboard Foods’ website.

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