NPPC Announces New Organizational Pathway for Change

New leadership, branding and strategic plan set momentum for groundbreaking work on behalf of America’s pork producers.

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) today announced the culmination of a strategic planning and repositioning effort that will drive momentum in shaping the future for the next generation of pork producers and their businesses.

Under the direction of new leadership and guided by a long-range strategic plan and additional financial resources, NPPC unveiled a new brand identity to symbolize the organization’s transformation and energized focus on driving growth for the U.S pork industry. NPPC will work to ensure that the producers’ common goals become reality — to operate to the high standards producers set, to advance sustainability and animal health, and expand global markets.

“It’s never been more important to plan for our future. NPPC is taking important steps today to propel groundbreaking work that lies ahead,” said Bryan Humphreys, NPPC chief executive officer. “We are committed to moving the industry forward: aligned, energized and strategically driven for producers.”

With the food production landscape changing and the increasing complexity of issues facing U.S. pork producers, a task force of industry leaders spanning the pork supply chain developed a five-year strategic plan to ensure focus on NPPC investors’ top priorities. The task force identified trade, foreign animal disease, labor and preserving producers’ freedom to operate as priority advocacy issues for NPPC.

With a new CEO and newly elected officers, NPPC is creating a pathway for change, positioning the organization to adapt to new dynamics and address challenges in modern ways. Collaboration — across the pork industry, the agriculture sector and entire food chain — will be imperative to influence change on critical issues.

NPPC’s new branding sets the tone for the organization moving forward. The new logo reinforces NPPC’s mission as the unified global voice for the U.S. pork industry by advocating and taking action in Washington, D.C., across the country and in the global marketplace. In addition, the strategic decision to increase funding through NPPC’s Strategic Investment Program will go into effect Jan. 1, 2023, and aid in strengthening NPPC’s programming and communications priorities with members.

“We are excited at the opportunities that lie ahead and know that success also relies on participation of stakeholders with a shared vision to support an industry bigger than themselves,” said Terry Wolters, NPPC president. “NPPC staff and all our investors and stakeholders are committed to working proactively to protect the interests of pork producers like me who know what it means to raise pigs and produce high-quality, affordable products for consumers here and around the world.”

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