Five Outbreaks of African Swine Fever Reported in Poland This Year

Poland’s agriculture ministry announced on Tuesday that five outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) have been reported in the country so far this year. The outbreaks were detected in four regions: Lubelskie, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Wielkopolskie, and Zachodniopomorskie.

ASF is a highly contagious viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs, with significant economic and agricultural implications due to its high mortality rate and the lack of a vaccine. The spread of ASF in Poland poses a severe threat to the country’s pork industry, prompting immediate containment measures and heightened biosecurity protocols.

The Polish government is working closely with veterinary authorities and farmers to control the outbreaks and prevent further spread. Measures include culling infected animals, controlling the movement of pigs and pig products, and increasing surveillance and testing.

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