Clemens Food’s Kunzler Plant in Lancaster Up for Sale Amid Workforce Reductions

Clemens Food Group is selling its Kunzler & Co. meat-processing plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, leading to at least 60 out of 170 jobs being cut. The plant, known for Kunzler brand hot dogs and meats, was acquired by Clemens in May.

Clemens has informed United Food & Commercial Workers Local 152 about the sale. The company is looking to find a buyer quickly, emphasizing the aim to preserve Lancaster jobs. Several interested parties are drawn to the plant’s production and workforce capabilities.

Local 152 President Daniel Ross Jr. voiced concerns over the job cuts and criticized Clemens for not fully communicating their plans earlier. Ross noted that Clemens had previously committed to maintaining operations and employment at the Kunzler facility but has since transferred Kunzler brand production elsewhere.

Clemens reassured that job preservation in Lancaster remains a priority and expressed a commitment to collaborate with the union to ensure quality production and service.

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