2023 World Mega Producer – Muyuan Foodstuff

Picture in front of Muyuan’s main office building with members of Muyuan and Genesus

Muyuan Foodstuff headquartered in Nanyang, China is the #1 World Mega Producer with 2,815,000 sows in 2022. The company has grown exponentially since its founding. Muyuan became more internationally known in the last few years as they built two 26-storey pig barns.


Muyuan was established in 1992 and went public in 2014. A pork industry chain has been formed that integrates feed processing, pig breeding, pig farming, and slaughter processing. The total assets of the company exceed RMB 190 billion ($27 billion USD), with 150,000 employees and over 292 subsidiaries. At present, pig farming business covers 25 provinces, 108 cities, and 223 counties across the country. In 2022, 61.2 million pigs were produced and 7.36 million were slaughtered.

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