2023 World Mega Producer – Costa Food Group

Left to right: Mercedes Vega, Genesus General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal, Eduardo Costa, Owner and CEO Piensos Costa, Jim Long, President-CEO Genesus, Jorge Costa, CEO of Costa Food Group, and Spencer Long of Genesus in front of Sommos Winery in Barbastro, Huesca, Spain which is owned by Grupo Empresarial Costa

Costa Food Group, the meat-producing holding of Grupo Empresarial Costa, is a leader in the Spanish and European agribusiness sectors. With 155,000 sows it is one of the largest family-owned swine companies in the world.


The origin of the Costa Food group is linked to Piensos Costa, a leading company in the Spanish pork sector founded in 1966 in Fraga (Huesca), Spain. This company was initially dedicated to the buying and selling of grain and, later, of animal feed.


At Costa Food Meat (the company’s butchering and storage component), they produce more than 200 million kg (441 million lbs) of pork to the highest standards every year. At Costa Food Meat and in accordance with the Group’s philosophy of continuous improvement, they reinvest all their profits every year to remain on the cutting edge of the sector, modernising facilities and improving the processes.


Costa Food Group key numbers in 2022:

· 5,000 employees

· Over 850 pig farms and 400 poultry farms

· 3.6 million slaughter pigs/year

· Exporting to 107 countries

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