Podcast 20: Influenza: History, Symptoms, and Eradication Protocols with Dr. Cameron Schmitt

Over the years, veterinarians and the pork industry have tackled eradiation protocols for viruses like PRRS, PED, and Mycoplasma, yet influenza remains a common occurrence in the field.

In this Episode, host Dr. Spencer Wayne talks with Dr. Cameron Schmitt, Veterinarian with PIPESTONE, in the 20th episode of SwineTime about Swine Influenza and efforts to prove an eradication protocol.

Pig farmers and veterinarians in the U.S. are all too familiar with the warning signs of influenza in their herds. Sows off feed, minor abortion levels, mortality in GDU, and lower pig wean weights are seen in the sow farm, while pigs in the finisher will show a mild cough and off feed. Dr. Schmitt notes that since finishers have static populations, a break will run its course; however, it is much more difficult to eliminate in a sow farm since new gilts and baby piglets are constantly being introduced.

With this challenge in mind, Dr. Schmitt is working with ten PIPESTONE managed sow farms to evaluate an influenza eradiation protocol. “We continue to strive for better health. Influenza is one component we think we can make a big impact on. Our goal is to eliminate flu from a farm and make a flu negative sow unit,” stated Dr. Schmitt. Dr. Schmitt discusses the three large components of their eradication strategy which include an extended quarantine period for gilts coming in, utilization of autogenous vaccines for the specific strain on that farm, and moving restrictions.