Latest Manitoba PED Cases Unrelated to Last Year’s Outbreak


Farmscape for June 15, 2020

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The Office of Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Officer reports the first two outbreaks of PED in 2020 appear to fall within typical seasonal patterns and do not appear linked to any of last year’s cases. Last week the first two cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea of 2020 were reported in Manitoba, but neither have been linked to any of the 82 cases identified last year. Dr. Glen Duizer, an Animal Health Surveillance Veterinarian with the Office of Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Officer, reports, while new outbreaks were expected, the good news is that those two cases took a long time to develop.

Clip-Dr. Glen Duizer-Manitoba Agriculture:
Normally we have cases on a seasonal basis starting in late April, early May and these happened mid-June so it’s good news in that the normal risk factors that we see with the spring such as weather conditions, manure application, field work, lots of traffic on and around swine operations has not led to a sudden rise as we’ve seen in previous years. Hopefully that indicates that some of the hard work that’s been put in the past years to do biocontainment and biosecurity on the operations, especially those in the high risk area, are successful.
We do still have three farms from last years outbreak. All of those farms are well on the way toward elimination, taking some time as it normally does with an extended outbreak like we had last year. We don’t think there’s a linkage between these three farms and our two new cases. We really think that these two new cases fit the seasonal pattern that we’ve had over the last several years and are not an extension of last years large scale outbreak.

Dr. Duizer says the investigation into what may have caused these two farms to break is ongoing and, as the producers and their veterinarians work through the follow-up, more information will hopefully come to light.

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