Former Tyson managers fired in betting scandal file lawsuits

Five managers at the Tyson Foods plant in Waterloo, Iowa, who were fired after an investigation into betting on COVID-19 cases have filed separate lawsuits against the company, according to media reports.

The five claim they are owed performance-based payments for reaching production targets while employed at the plant two years ago, the Des Moines Register reported. The lawsuits were filed in October in Black Hawk County District Court.

Tyson fired the plant managers after investigating accusations that they bet on the number of workers who would test positive for COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. The company revoked the payments after suspending and then firing the employees, according to the article.

The five managers seek a total of $300,000 in unpaid incentives, the report said.
A Tyson spokesperson declined a request from Meatingplace for comment on the lawsuits.