International Conference on Pig Survivability Postponed Until October 2021


The International Conference on Pig Survivability, originally set for Oct. 28-29, has been postponed a year. Improving Pig Survivability Project leaders said the decision was necessary due to ongoing concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic. Conference planning chair Joel DeRouchey of Kansas State University said the new dates for the conference are Oct. 27-28, and the location will remain at the Hilton Omaha, in Omaha, NE.

“We are disappointed that we’re not able to hold this conference this fall, yet we know the decision is the right one for our attendees and our presenters,” DeRouchey said. “We’re looking forward to being able to share even more information with attendees in 2021 about how they can use current information to improve survivability rates in their operations.”

Project leader Jason Ross of Iowa State University said conference organizers took seriously their decision to postpone the conference.

“As we looked at the unknowns in terms of allowable travel by companies, businesses and universities, and other factors affecting return to normal business function due to COVID-19, our organizing committee chose to alleviate the potential risk of negative impact on the industry by postponing the conference,” he said.

The Improving Pig Survivability project has two primary objectives: to identify factors contributing to swine mortality in commercial production, and to develop strategies and information to reduce mortality and maximize pig survivability. Read more about the project and its progress on the website

“The 2021 conference objectives are to facilitate the discussion and dissemination of the most current information relative to sow, litter, weaned pig and grow-finish mortality,” Ross said. “We want to bring the industry together to motivate change while providing the tools and resources to do it.”

DeRouchey said people should look forward to continued distribution of project information.

“While the conference will remain an important component of our overall project, other avenues of information distribution such as podcasts, fact sheets, webinars and other digital media, will continue as planned,” DeRouchey said. “We are developing a strong, nationally effective extension and outreach effort coupled with innovative applied research for this project and are confident this conference will be a major piece of that effort in 2021.”

Those who have already registered for the now-postponed conference will receive a refund. Please check the conference website for more information


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