Informational meetings for pork producers held in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


These educational events will focus on herd health and production issues that farmers raising pigs in the UP may encounter.

Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Pork Producers Association have teamed up to address important topics for pork producers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Educational meetings will be held in two location of the Upper Peninsula (UP) that focus on protecting the health of Michigan’s pork industry and production issues that farmers raising pigs may encounter. Michigan State University Extension Pork Educators and Specialists will discuss various topics that pertain to herd health and general production and will host question and answer sessions with meeting attendees.

Topics that will be addressed during these meetings include: African Swine Fever, is the UP at risk for infection, Sourcing antibiotics, vaccines and dewormers for the UP farm, Adapting modern technology for small farms: housing and ventilation, issues and current policy around raising wild boars, feral swine and easy sampling for disease detection. Pork producers will walk away from these meetings having a better understanding of what will happen in the case of African Swine Fever being identified in Michigan, how farms will be quarantined and what will be required for a movement permit if you are in an infected area. They’ll also have a general vaccine schedule that can be used on their farms, along with de-worming suggestions, seeing modifications that others have made to new technology for small farms, understand the issues surrounding feral pigs and have tools that they can use to complete diagnostic sampling for their herds.

Meeting will be held:

Both meetings will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and dinner will be served. The Michigan Pork Producers Association will sponsor the meal for the Escanaba. The meeting location and local producer Dan Jere with Jere Farms will provide the meal for the St. Ignace meeting. These meetings are free to all attendees, however you are asked to pre-register to ensure a proper supply of materials and refreshments are provided.

Interested participants can register for these meetings online or by contacting the meeting coordinators, Jim Isleib — MSU Extension Alger County by email ( or by phone (906-387-2530), or Monica Jean — MSU Extension Delta County by email ( or by phone (906-786-3032). Please note, a minimum of 15 participants will be needed to hold these educational events.

Respirator fit testing will also be offered MSU Extension at this time for any farmers needing to complete this process. Farmers can come in prior to the pork health meetings and during the meetings. Please contact meeting coordinators for more information and to make an appointment for this process.


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