Hypor Libra* Superb Carcass Quality


If a genetic line makes you choose between quality and quantity, the choice is clear: Choose another line. But not just any line. The Hypor Libra* (pronounced Libra Star) gives you both in merging the best genetics from Canada, France and Spain to enhance carcass quality. The result is the world’s most prolificient sow that offers some powerful combinations: prolificacy and efficiency; quality and quantity; profit and…more profit.

Superb Carcass Quality
Quality isn’t everything, but without it, nothing else matters. And achieving the best quality carcass
starts with using the best genetics. Hypor geneticists decreased the amount of back fat and increased
the overall meat percentage by selecting the best animals for the next generation.
“By combining the top animals of the three Landrace populations, we made faster genetic
improvements, especially in lean meat percentage,” says Hypor Managing Director Luis Prieto Garcia.
Of course, carcass quality encompasses many factors, including level of muscle depth, loin eye area,
back fat, carcass weight and overall meat percentage of the finisher. Targeting them all while
achieving Total System Profitability is no small feat; then again, the Hypor Libra* is no ordinary sow.

Top Lean Meat Percentage
For our clients, meeting market demands is crucial, so when the market speaks, we listen.
Right now, those demands are for animals that are leaner at heavier weights. Fortunately, that’s what
the Hypor Libra* is all about, and leaner pigs will produce more quality meat for the market at a
heavier weight. With certain meat packers in the United States offering premiums for meeting quality
standards, some Hypor customers are pocketing an extra $2 (1.70 euro) per finisher for carcass
Clearly then, a lean animal can be the key to fattening your bottom line.
As well, because the Hypor Libra* is lean, she is more versatile and can be bred with a variety of boars
to meet individual market demands. Whether your client is asking for more or less fat coverage at a
defined weight, the Hypor Libra* has the answer.

Astounding Feed Efficiency
The great thing about maximizing carcass quality is that it benefits your business in so many ways.
As a result of having a high lean meat percentage, the Hypor Libra* produces finishers with an
improved feed efficiency. With feed costs accounting for 60-70 per cent of the total cost of
production, that’s an improvement that’s easy to swallow.
“It takes more feed to produce a kilogram of fat than it takes to produce a kilogram of meat,” Prieto
While lean animals use most of their energy from feed for growth, over-conditioned animals store
much of their energy as fat, making them more expensive to feed.
Given the huge impact of feed costs on your operation, Hypor employs over 300 feeding stations
worldwide to collect the daily weight gains and feed intake of individual pigs. This helps geneticists to
select the pigs that maintain a good feed efficiency and leanness at weights up to 140 kilograms and
over (over 310 pounds).
In the highly competitive pork industry, you need every edge you can get. That means insisting on a
genetic line that is cost effective and meets global demand for a quality end product. By giving you an
edge in feed conversion and carcass quality, the Hypor Libra* sets you apart. For Hypor, that’s what
Total System Profitability is all about.


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