Hog Slat Construction Services


Hog Slat brings over 50 years of industry experience in providing turnkey system solutions to livestock producers.

Whether you are implementing a large-scale swine production system, adding a hog confinement building, or remodeling a building, Hog Slat will assist you in reaching your production goals. Our years of experience can help guide you through the steps necessary to ensure a successful project.

While operating our own family farm pork production facilities, we understand the challenges producers face in today’s market more than ever. Hog Slat provides total project construction management through manufacturing, distribution, and on-site supervision during construction. We can manage and take accountability for every aspect of the construction process, including the risk. From concept through post-construction, we can assure to help provide your team solution-based services to maximize your production and investment goals. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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