Welcoming new employees, first day on the Farm

“The first day on farm is the most important day of all when you are working to help new employees from other countries feel at home,” emphasizes Dr. Ochoa, the host of the 3rd lesson in Pork Avenue’s three-part series on Welcoming New Employees. “This is your time to create a great first impression.”

Dr. Victor Ochoa of Swineworks has successfully placed thousands of employees on farms around the US. What does Swineworks do? Dr. Ochoa explains, “We help farms find new talent!”

20.22eng – First Day on the Farm is available now to our subscribers. In this lesson, Dr. Ochoa discusses best practices to help farms set new employees up for success as soon as they enter the barn. He says, “Welcoming your new employees will help them settle in faster, increase their job satisfaction, and encourage them to stay. Being able to present the information to the new employees in an understandable way can be just as important as the information itself.”

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20.22eng – First Day on the Farm

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To best care for our pigs, we must first invest in our people.

It is time to do it.


Dr. Sarah