Get acquainted with the Global Mega Producer- Vall Companys


Get acquainted with the Global Mega Producer

sponsored by Genesus Inc. in collaboration with National Hog Farmer

Twenty-seven pork producers with each owing over 100,000 can claim the title of Global Mega Producers this year. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location.

Vall Companys is a leading Spanish family owned agri-food group founded in 1956. The company’s operational model is based on the integration of all stages of the production process.

With 206,000 sows in production, Vall Companys. is the largest European independent swine company, with its 40 companies covers the entire Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, which optimizes the quality and logistics of the group and ensures a uniform, efficient distribution throughout Spain and export markets.

The Vall Companys Group operational model is based on the integration of all stages of the production process, and the work of dedicated professionals who are highly trained in their respective fields.


Key figures:


  • Total sales 2015: 1,408 million,
  • Meat production (thousand metric tons): Pork – 340, Poultry – 115, Beef – 13, Cured ham – 13 and Processed – 7.
  • Livestock Production: Swine – 4.6 million heads, poultry – 68 million heads.
  • Animal feed production: 1.78 million MT.
  • Flour production: 485 thousand MT.
  • Associated farms –  2,000 and personnel – 4,500

Global Mega Producers’ Certificate of Recognition plaque was delivered to all 4 major Companies that form Vall Companys.


Congratulations to Vall Companys !




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