Gensus Competitive Edge: Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 – Ruchlaw Produce Company Limited


Last year Genesus commenced the stocking of a new Nucleus and Multiplication partner Ruchlaw Produce Company Limited, located near Edinburgh, Scotland. Production at the farm has been underway and is going well.

Until recently Ruchlaw was a JSR – Topigs production unit.

This partnership is another testament to the Genesus’ commitment to providing high-health status pig genetics for the UK and our global customers.

Nucleus herd: Penmanshiel Unit 1,050 sows fully stocked with 1,112 Yorkshire and Landrace head.

Multiplication herd: Park unit 1,000 sows.

Chesterhall herd: unit 650 sows will be restocked from Penmanshiel Nucleus during September 2022

Total Ruchlaw Sow Herd 2,700 sows on completion.

Genesus chose the UK for the Genesus breeding stock expansion program as part of its continued export growth into Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Asia, and South East Asia and to continue the growth of Genesus breeding stock and semen within the UK.

With this expansion, Genesus will now house 4,500 GGP & GP purebred Yorkshire, Landrace & Duroc sows in its UK pyramid.

The Genesus Nucleus base is larger than any other Swine Genetic Company in the UK.

Pigs Arriving in Scotland

Kevin Scott, Manager of Park & Top Units, Jamie Wyllie, Owner of Ruchlaw and Graham Dolan is General Manager

Jamie Wyllie, Owner of Ruchlaw