Standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids and metabolizable energy in three sources of high-protein corn distillers dried grains fed to weanling pigs

The study investigated the standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of amino acids (AA) and metabolizable energy (ME) in three high-protein distillers dried grains (HP-DDG) sources fed to weanling pigs. The research aimed to compare the nutritional value between an experimental HP-DDG product and two commercial HP-DDG products (HP-DDG 40 and HP-DDG 50).

Experiment 1:

  • Objective: Compare SID of AA among the three HP-DDG sources.
  • Method: Eight barrows were fed four diets (including a nitrogen-free diet for baseline AA losses) in a replicated 4×4 Latin square design.
  • Results:
    • The SID of lysine (Lys) was lower in the experimental HP-DDG compared to the commercial products.
    • The SID of most AA in the experimental HP-DDG was significantly lower than in HP-DDG 40 and HP-DDG 50.
    • No significant differences in SID of AA between HP-DDG 40 and HP-DDG 50 were observed.

Experiment 2:

  • Objective: Compare digestible energy (DE) and ME among the three HP-DDG sources.
  • Method: Thirty-two weanling pigs were fed four diets (a corn diet and three diets with corn and one of the HP-DDG sources). Pigs were housed individually, and feces and urine were collected for energy analysis.
  • Results:
    • The apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of gross energy (GE) in the corn diet was higher than in the HP-DDG diets.
    • The DE and ME were higher in HP-DDG 50 than in HP-DDG 40.
    • On a dry matter basis, HP-DDG 50 had the highest ME.

Conclusion: The study concluded that HP-DDG 50 had higher nutritional value than HP-DDG 40 and the experimental HP-DDG. The experimental HP-DDG had lower digestibility of AA and energy, likely due to differences in production processes and ingredient composition. The findings suggest that HP-DDG 50 is a superior alternative protein source for weanling pig diets compared to other HP-DDG products.

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