NOVUS shares how feed can negatively impact nutrition and performance

While selected as feed for their availability, cost and protein content, common raw feed ingredients can also negatively impact their own nutritional value and bioavailability.

Gabriela Cardoso, Ph.D., NOVUS poultry solutions manager for the Americas, will share how common feedstuffs like soybean meal and others can negatively impact poultry performance during X Seminario Internacional de Nutriciōn Avícol (X International Poultry Nutrition Seminar 2024), July 24-25 in Bogotá, Colombia. Hosted by the Colombian Association of Veterinary and Zootechnical Physicians (AMEVEA), the event includes the latest poultry research and trends.

“Like the rest of the world, Colombia uses a lot of soybean meal in its chicken feed. It’s important for producers and nutritionists to understand how, without proper intervention or quality assurance, this common protein source can impact performance and, ultimately, the return on investment,” Cardoso says.

In her presentation titled Immunogens vs. Antinutritional Factors in Poultry Feed Cardoso will provide an overview of how immunogens cause inflammatory responses as well as information on the range of ingredients and circumstances that qualify as antinutritional factors (ANFs).

“ANFs cover a broad spectrum of things. Mycotoxins are considered antrinutritional, so are oxidized fats or oils, some fibers and soybean meal also have ANFs,” she said. “The type of immunogens or ANFs you encounter change the nutritional intervention you use to combat them.”

Along with enzymes, which are known for “unlocking” nutrients from feed, Cardoso will share options to help ensure birds capture as much nutritional benefit from feed as possible while limiting the negative impact raw feed ingredients can have.

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