CBS America ramps up sales team, expansion plans

Innovation-focused company adds Iowa-based Mike Clark and boosts availability of Feed Science Platforms across US .

Rising opportunities for bio-based feed technology innovations are driving new growth for CBS Bio Platforms as the science-driven company boosts its CBS America sales team and drives forward with expansion plans.

The company announced the addition of industry veteran Mike Clark to bolster its US focused team along with broadened availability of key solutions across its flagship Feed Science Platforms (FSPs).

“A new era is taking shape across animal agriculture and we’re seeing more opportunity than ever for solutions that are bio-based aligning with sustainability and most importantly make a real difference to the profitability of farmers,” says Mark Peters, Sales and Marketing Director with CBS Bio Platforms. “The US is among the key markets leading this trend and we are seeing a sharp rise in demand across livestock sectors. We’re very pleased to welcome Mike on board to bolster our CBS America team as we keep up momentum on broader expansion plans. He brings strong experience and shares our focus on farmer success as the most effective way to move the industry forward.”

Championing farmer success 

Clark, educated at Iowa State University and based out of Runnells Iowa, is a long-time nutrition consultant with experience across livestock sectors most prominently with swine. A swine producer himself in various incarnations over the years, he has long been involved as an industry and producer advocate. Clark has long championed and supported the industry adoption of science-driven innovations that boost economics and sustainability for producers. At CBS he will work with customers across the FSPs which include numerous solutions in the categories of Bio-Catalyst technology, Enhanced Yeast technology, Functional Fatty Acids, Grain Management Technology, and Phytogenics & Probiotics.

“The future is about innovation that benefits farmers and I’m very pleased to join a company that has that focus front and center,” says Clark. “There is a lot of opportunity that I only see increasing in the years ahead as we continue to learn more about new ways to capture more value and benefits from nutrition and feed technology. Increasing precision is a key trend and new tools like the FSPs are a great fit. It’s an exciting area to be involved in and I’m looking forward to working with the CBS team and customers in this new role.”

The enhanced CBS America focus of CBS Bio Platforms was launched in 2020 anchored by a newly established distribution center in Volga, South Dakota, supporting the full range of FSPs to benefit swine, poultry, ruminant and aquaculture production. In addition to distribution, production capability has steadily come on stream and increased at the facility, including in support of plans to boost availability of all key solutions for the US market over the course of 2022 and beyond.

New tools for new opportunities

“There is a lot of potential right now to use these tools to reduce feed costs, get more value out of a full spectrum of feed and ingredient options and capture new advantages across efficiency, health and performance of the animals,” says Clark. “There’s never been a greater need for these types of science-based solutions and it’s an excellent time for farmers to capture the benefits. There are more and better options than ever for producers to find the right fit for the unique needs of their farm.”

New options supported by CBS America are fuelled by ongoing advances from R&D technology featuring numerous partnerships with leading institutions in Canada and the USA key factor in locating CBS America headquarters in Volga was proximity to South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings – a global leader in animal agriculture research, particularly in swine. CBS and SDSU have a long-standing research collaboration relationship including under a three-year agreement underway to explore opportunities to produce quality pork sustainably and profitably, with an emphasis on nutrition and feed technology interventions.

“Livestock production keeps advancing led by farmers on the front line,” says J.D. Baltzell, Sales Manager, USA, with CBS Bio Platforms. “As new feed technology options continue to strengthen and gain adoption, we see these new tools having an increasingly important role in helping them keep competitive and take advantage of emerging opportunities.”

CBS Bio Platforms is an innovation-focused company that researches, develops, and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food, and industrial applications. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it has over 37 years in business, building status as a world leader in feed technology, serving customers in more than 20 countries internationally. More information on FSPs is available at and complete CBS Bio Platforms information is available at