Stott Family Farms Case Study

For decades, the Stott family has wholeheartedly embraced farming, viewing it not only as a profession but as a way of life. Led by the proud 3rd generation farming family, which includes Kevin, Jeff, and Don Stott, along with the next generation of farmers, John and Ira, the farm has recently expanded its operations near Selkirk. They now operate a 4000-acre grain farm split between the Selkirk area and their home farm in Niverville, where they also have 3 hog sites and a poultry operation.

Challenges and the Pursuit of Modernization

As the farming operations expanded, Stott Farms encountered critical challenges in managing their extensive livestock and grain operations, particularly in labor management and operational efficiency. The existing systems in their barns were intricate and burdensome, leading to difficulties in effectively overseeing the barn environments.

Invaluable Partnership with TriStar

Recognizing the need for a new solution, Stott Farms partnered with Paul from Tristar. Paul’s expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in identifying the AutoFlex Connect system from Phason Controls as an ideal fit for their requirements. Paul’s hands-on approach and unwavering support throughout the installation and optimization process earned high praise from both Ira and Don Stott.

The AutoFlex Connect system brought about a dramatic transformation in the way Stott Farms managed their barn environments. The system’s user-friendly interface allowed for effortless monitoring and control of barn conditions, greatly simplifying the management process and boosting staff confidence.

With the AutoFlex Connect system, the staff at Stott Farms discovered a more straightforward and effective way to oversee barn conditions. This newfound confidence in their abilities resulted in improved efficiency and peace of mind, especially during critical farming periods.

We are truly grateful for Paul and his exceptional effort. His guidance in implementing AutoFlex Connect has been beneficial for our farm. In farming (or growing up on the farm), the animals are taken care of first, then us. The AutoFlex Connect helps us know that they are taken care of.

— Ira Stott

Real-Life Application and Impact

A noteworthy example highlighting the system’s effectiveness occurred when Ira, using his phone, remotely addressed an actuator error in the hog barn. This remote management capability enabled him to continue his family dinner in the city without interruption, showcasing the system’s practical benefits in real-time problem-solving.

Ira also underscored the significance and value of remote monitoring for the livestock barn environment. He recounted numerous instances when he checked his phone to oversee the livestock barns while working on the combine at the Selkirk grain farm. This capability provided him with the peace of mind he required to stay focused and avoid an unnecessary one-hour drive during the busy harvest season.

The Stott family’s experience with AutoFlex Connect, facilitated by Paul’s expertise from TriStar, has not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also reinforced their trust in technology as a vital tool in modern farming.

Quantified Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring optimal livestock conditions.
  • Improved operational efficiency and quicker response times to environmental issues.
  • The staff are not required to help troubleshoot difficult manual controls systems in the barns.

AutoFlex Connect’s intuitive and flexible system has revolutionized how we manage our barns. It’s reassuring to know that we can keep our livestock comfortable and safe, even when we’re away.

— Don Stott

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