New Pig Barn Construction at Martinsdale Colony in Montana: A Positive Sign for New Building

A new pig barn is under construction at the Martinsdale Colony in Montana, showcasing cutting-edge livestock technology and highlighting a positive trend in new construction. This state-of-the-art facility, built by WS Construction out of Sioux Falls, is fully equipped with Fancom BV Ventilation, SmartFeeding systems, and advanced controls, ensuring optimal conditions for animal welfare and productivity. AG-Plus Farm and Ranch Supply in Aberdeen facilitated the sale, with our Technical Service Engineers actively supporting the project’s startup.

Simon Haazen, Area Sales Manager, commended the Fantura Ceiling Inlets for their robust performance in Montana’s harsh winter conditions, providing consistent airflow and comfort year-round. Fantura inlets from Fancom are designed to optimize air distribution within livestock environments, ensuring better climate control. When operating at lower temperatures, these inlets create a focused jetstream of bundled air rather than a broad, diffuse flow. This concentrated airflow is achieved due to the inlets opening only a small portion of their width, rather than fully.

Fancom is also prepared and continually improving to comply with Prop 12 standards. This initiative, known as the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative, mandates specific requirements for the living conditions of farm animals to ensure more humane treatment. Fancom is taking several proactive steps to align with these standards and enhance animal welfare.

This development marks a significant advancement in livestock housing, reflecting a promising future for the industry.

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