EveryPig welcomes Kori Hilsheimer as Customer Success Specialist

Kori Hilsheimer, Customer Success Specialist
Kori grew up in Foster Falls, Virginia. After graduating from Virginia Tech with her degree in Animal and Poultry Science in 2013, she moved to Pennsylvania where she began her career in the Swine Industry with Country View Family Farms. Over the next 6.5 years, Kori worked in production leading and managing teams on sow units. From there, she moved from her management position with Country View Family Farms to servicing Nursery and Finishing Sites for Ag Ventures, also located in Pennsylvania. There she was responsible for close to 75,000 spaces. In support of her husband who is in the Army, she found herself looking for a different opportunity in the industry as she moved down south, to Alabama. That’s how she began her career with EveryPig.
“I wanted to continue working in the industry that I have grown to love while also making a difference. I was seeing first hand the problem’s the swine industry faces on a daily basis and I am excited to be a part of the team here at EveryPig who put pig health and production management first.”