Dr. Tim Falker Joins EW Nutrition USA as Technical Manager, Swine


EW Nutrition, a global company active in the field of animal nutrition, has announced an eminent addition to its regional management team. Dr. Tim Fakler is joining the US office as Technical Manager, Swine, beginning June 22th. Dr. Fakler will work with current and prospective customers in delivering programs, products and advisory for higher profitability with customized solutions.

Dr. Fakler has a PhD in animal nutrition and an MSc in biomedical chemistry. He has worked as an independent consultant, as an in-house expert in animal nutrition and as a swine business development leader for companies such as Zinpro, Standard Nutrition, Furst-McNess and more. He brings to the job not only over two decades of field experience, but an impressive list of contributions in peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings and the general industry press.

“I am very pleased to have Tim join the EW USA team.  He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of swine nutrition and will be an invaluable asset to both our commercial team, and most importantly, to our customers,” says Scott Moore, CEO of EW Nutrition.

“I think I have already learned the shortest paths to our customers’ doors and will be glad to give them the best assistance in developing profitable solutions with sustainable, customized programs,” says Dr. Fakler.

With this new addition, EW Nutrition is once again confirming its dedication to the US market, with a growing headcount and a growing portfolio of customer solutions.


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