Deadly Disease PEDv Spreads At Oklahoma Pork Show


by Ron Hays, Radio Oklahoma Farm Network

According to Roy Lee Lindsey with the Oklahoma Pork Council, the discovery and diagnosis of PEDv has been happening over the last couple of days.

Lindsey talked with me midday Thursday at the Market Barrow Show about the process and offered the following timeline:

Exhibitors started reporting sick pigs to the Swine Office of the OYE early in the week- and reports of sick pigs increased at the show in the last 36 hours.

Swine show officials realized by Wednesday that there were multiple reports- and took samples from sick pigs that were sent to Stillwater to the Diagnostic Lab- which worked overnight to get an answer of what was going on.

Lindsey says a diagnosis was given overnight- literally at 2 AM this morning.

Oklahoma State Vet Dr. Rod Hall issued an email shortly after 8 AM this morning to let those who have been at the OYE of the sickness and what biosecurity measures should be taken if you have hogs on your home place.

Mid morning- the OYE released a one pager on their app some details on biosecurity as exhibitors have either already gone home or are getting ready to go home. That complete memo will follow as our second story.

Our Third Story on this special edition email is the link to the complete interview that we did with Roy Lee earlier today.

Because of the nature of the OYE- and the fact that there have been thousands of folks from across rural Oklahoma on the fairgrounds and in the barns the last week- it is vital that anyone raising hogs in the state pay attention to this diagnosis and react with the strictest of biosecurity measures.

The same is true for anyone who bought a gilt at the Night of Stars gilt sale on Wednesday night- in state or out of state. If you are taking one of those gilts back to your operation- isolation and observation are vital that PEDv will not end up on your place.


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