Crystalline amino acids in diets do not influence calculated values for amino acid digestibility in feed ingredients fed to pigs


Dr. Maryane Oliveira, a postdoctoral research associate in the Stein Monogastric Nutrition Lab, presents the results of an experiment that was designed to determine whether crystalline amino acids could be fed to pigs during amino acid digestibility studies in order to ensure they meet their amino acid requirements without influencing the study results. Adapted from a presentation at the 2018 ASAS Midwestern Section meeting, Omaha, NE, March 12-14.


  1. 1.Is there a need to add born meal in pig diet that contains lime?
    2.Which one is better in swine diets between Full Fat Soybean meal and Dry Soybean meal?
    3.Can crystalline Amino acids like lysine totally replace fish meal and Soybean Meal in pig diet?


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