Crystal Spring Hog Equipment in Brazil, By Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp Director of Global Strategy at Crystal Spring Hog Equipment


When Crystal Spring Hog Equipment first started its activities in 1978 no one would have thought that we would have the global reach we have today. Our innovative and original solutions led our company to be recognized as a pioneer in the market and an example for its capabilities in developing technologies to help farmers around the world to raise their hogs easier and better.

After being successful in the 90’s in Mexico and many South American countries, like Chile and Argentina, we had our eye on the Brazilian market, knowing that the “sleeping giant” would eventually rise and adopt the new technologies and trends in production already seen in North America for years.

In 2010, we and our trusted local partners started studying the Brazilian market better, in order to understand the needs of the producers and big integrator companies and define the best business model to adopt.

Because of all the particularities of the market and the need for a quick, cost effective sales channel, we opted to start manufacturing feeders in Brazil, and in 2015 the very first, Brazilian-made feeder was manufactured.

“We have a small facility and a lean operation in Brazil, where we manufacture mainly wet/dry feeders for the market following our strict engineering and quality guidelines”, explains our Director of Global Strategy, Natalia Heisterkamp, who just happens to be the only Brazilian national on our global team.

The Brazilian manufacturing team was trained by our Canadian team to manufacture feeders just like we do in our headquarter facility in Canada. From the welding to the assembly and quality control processes, we made certain that every step of production was kept the same. Currently, all of the feeder components, except for our Adaptive-Flow™ patented feeder nipple, are made in Brazil. The feeder nipple is imported from our main facility in Canada. “We wanted to provide the Brazilian market with the same feeder they could buy from Canada—same look, same long-lasting reputation and same applied technologies—but made in Brazil to allow our customers more flexibility and better cost”, concludes Natalia.

This upcoming November, Crystal Spring Brazil will complete its 5th successful year manufacturing wet/dry and dry Crystal Spring feeders in the southwest region of Brazil. This is an accomplishment that makes our whole team proud and reinforces our desire and commitment to always be there, in a responsible and lasting way, for hog farmers around the world… no matter where they are.

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