Commodities China’s pig herd at end-July 31% larger than a year ago


China’s pig herd at the end of July was 31% larger than a year earlier, the country’s state planning agency said on Tuesday, continuing its strong recovery from a major disease outbreak.

China has rapidly rebuilt its pig herd following an epidemic of African swine fever, which cut its massive hog stocks by about half by late 2019.

China had a herd of 439 million pigs at the end of June, an agriculture official said recently, equal to 99.4% of the level at the end of 2017, prior to the swine fever outbreak.

Its sow herd had reached 45.64 million head, 2% ahead of the level at end of 2017.

Speaking at a regular press briefing, National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Meng Wei said the sow herd had also increased 25% year-on-year by end-July.

Meng did not give detailed herd numbers.