CJ BIO’s THR Pro Completes FDA Review


CJ BIO today announced its new L-threonine product, THR Pro, has completed FDA evaluation with a letter of agreement with CJ BIO that THR Pro is a safe source of threonine for livestock and poultry.   THR Pro is an 80% active granular source of L-threonine, with residual biomass.  THR Pro is manufactured at CJ’s Fort Dodge, Iowa facility along with the amino acids lysine and arginine.  All customers in the United States will now be able to access another source of domestically produced threonine.

“We are gratified with this outcome, an important milestone in our expansion of CJ’s United States manufacturing base.  It is a logical extension of our domestically produced portfolio” commented Joe Lucas, Vice President and General Manager – Animal Nutrition at CJ America.   “We will now launch THR Pro for all U.S. customers in all states.   Previously, we had marketed the product only in states with a specific state waiver, and that early launch far exceeded our expectations.  As a result, we will consider increasing threonine capacity in the coming months.”

“We are committed to continue working to meet our customers’ needs and grow our amino acid portfolio using cost competitive local production” added Harry Jang, Head of CJ BIO for North and South America.

CJ BIO is a division of CJ CheilJedang, a core subsidiary in charge of the food and bioengineering business Unit of the CJ Group. CJ Group has developed its business portfolio into four core sectors – Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics.

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