Christensen Farms’ Celebrates New Research Farm Opening


hristensen Farms & Feedlots, Inc. (CF) was proud to celebrate the completion of their brand new, state-of-the art, research facility located near St. James, Minn. The organization invited their employees, contract farmer partners, project partners, equipment suppliers and local community chambers and their members to be recognized and participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony and tours of the facility.

“This research facility will utilize research and technology for the future of our company,” stated Sam Tauer, CF’s Research Manager. “With its research capabilities, this farm will lead trials to harness continuous improvement in the foundational aspects of what we do as pig farmers that can be defined within the scopes of our people, our pigs and our planet.”

The new facility will be home for approximately 6,000 pigs and employ 4 people to manage the daily care of the animals and research trials. A viewing room was included, allowing the company to welcome guests for scheduled visits to learn about what happens at this farm, as well as throughout their entire organization. This room has a separate entrance with windows to view into the barn, an intercom system so guests can engage with the site caretaker inside the barn and televisions that allow CF hosts an ability to present information as needed.

“We take pride in what we do as pig farmers as stewards to the animals, our planet and each other,” Amber Portner, CF Communications Manager, shared. “I am excited to be able to work with a team that is committed to continually improving what we do and how we do it every day, to be viable and sustainable producers of a wholesome, affordable and real protein source.”