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A Technical Perspective on Reducing Limitations to Genetic Expression

Identifying the right animals to improve commercial production starts with our people.   

African Swine Fever Protection Zone

The protection zone is another important step in keeping African swine fever out of the U.S. USDA’s announcement that it will be pursuing a Foreign...

Recommended Handling Facility Layout

Source: Grandin.com This diagram illustrates a modern cattle stockyard and chute system. All the animal movement is one-way and there is no cross traffic....

Sow mortality trends: Experts dissect the current state of affairs

Reprinted from:PigHealthToday.com Keeping sow mortality rates in check is not only critical to a farm’s productivity and cost structure, it’s key to ensuring the public’s...

SwineTech introduces the PigFlow Workforce and Swine Management Platform

PigFlow Revolutionizes Pork Production Methods and Management, Will Showcase at 2021 World Pork Expo. SwineTech, Inc., the ag tech company that leverages voice recognition and...

Hog trend is choppy but higher

Bull flags are often highlighted as indications of small corrective moves in an otherwise larger price trend.

Testing, advice valuable to the Minnesota producer

Feed costs are the largest expense in raising pigs today, so carefully analyzing every opportunity to get the most out of every ration at...
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