New Service Assists Swine Veterinarians in Formulating Treatment Strategies

Farmscape for March 25, 2022

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A new swine diagnostic extension service is providing veterinarians support in formulating treatment strategies for complex swine health issues. In May of last year Prairie Diagnostic Services and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine partnered in the launch of a new swine diagnostic extension service. Prairie Diagnostic Services CEO Dr. Yanyun Huang explains PDS provides the diagnostic analysis and, in complex cases, WCVM offers additional interpretation of those results.

Clip-Dr. Yanyun Huang-Prairie Diagnostic Services:
Prairie Diagnostic Services, PDS, is an animal health diagnostic laboratory. Our main role is to provide diagnostic services, laboratory testing to veterinarians, researchers and government agencies. PDS’s main clients are practicing veterinarians out on the field.
They see animals being sick or they want to monitor something on their farms and then they will submit samples to PDS for laboratory testing. We are a full-service animal health laboratory. We provide anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, microbiology and toxicology testing. Within microbiology we have further areas such as bacteriology, virology, molecular diagnostics, parasitology, immunology and urology so we have a lot of areas and capacities in PDS. We receive samples from the whole of Canada, all of the provinces, however most of our clients concentrate in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

Dr. Huang says, through the new swine diagnostic extension service, PDS provides the laboratory testing and WCVM assesses those results to assist in formulating treatment options.

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