Cactus Feeders’ Expansion Creates Opportunity for Contract Growers


Pork producers in Iowa and Nebraska can join Cactus Feeders in their mission to feed a hungry world.

Cactus Family Farms, the pork production division of Cactus Feeders, Inc. is growing. They have a special invitation for pork producers and grain farmers in Iowa and Nebraska to join them in their growth by being a contract grower. Whether producers are looking to diversify or expand their farming operation, Cactus has an outstanding opportunity available.

Cactus was established in 1975 in Amarillo, Texas. What started as a beef production business has grown to include pork production. In late 2014 and 2015, Cactus purchased existing pork companies in Iowa and the Southeast United States. As an entirely employee-owned company, Cactus produces a million cattle annually and 800,000 pigs annually.

Cactus’ mission is feeding a hungry world: family, friends and neighbors. In 2020, Cactus plans to add 7,500 sows to their operation to advance their mission. They are seeking to add 40 new wean to finish barns to their operation by the fall of 2021 either by new construction or with existing facilities.

Cactus is offering up to a 15-year contract for construction of a new 2,450-head wean to finish building, complete with a top industry pig space payment. In addition, Cactus is offering a one of a kind financing program that will enable contract growers to take advantage of swine barn ownership with a very low initial down payment, while preserving the standard cash flow benefit of owning a barn. Contract growers also have the opportunity to receive a $25,000 signup bonus for partnering with Cactus.

“Our building is a very high quality, long lasting asset that will be marketable to the rest of the industry” says Rod Leman, Cactus director of business development. “Our experienced development staff will help guide contract growers through the entire process, presenting realistic information and guidance throughout the project.”

Cactus is also interested in discussing contract opportunities with growers who have an existing wean to finish facility, or feeder to finish operation they are willing to convert. The facilities must be viable total confinements, full slat and no more than 60 head pen buildings.

Being entirely employee-owned, Cactus has a personal stake in ensuring the long-term success of their contract growers. Cactus views their relationship with contract growers as a partnership. Contract growers will have access to excellent pig production training and support at all times, and live voice support for feed ordering, pig flow scheduling and other communication. Contract growers can rest easy knowing their business partner is financially sound, diversified and professional.

“Pork producers have a unique opportunity to engage with Cactus to either grow or start a financially sound business in pork production,” says Leman. “We are looking for good business partners with the same level of communication and integrity we offer. We believe in our business and want to see other producers succeed in the pork production business too.

For more information about partnering with Cactus, Iowa producers can contact Shelly Bergeson at 515-835-0557 or and Nebraska producers can contact Rod Leman at 515-835-2312 or Learn more about Cactus by visiting


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