Biosecurity Resources for Pork Producers


Implementing enhanced biosecurity plans will help prevent exposing animals to foot and mouth disease (FMD), classical swine fever (CSF), and African swine fever (ASF). Be prepared to share your plan with State Animal Health Officials prior to an outbreak (if requested).

Write a site-specific enhanced biosecurity plan!

Work with your herd veterinarian and use the resources below to get started.

Already have a biosecurity plan?

Compare it to the checklist below and make sure all the items are included in your plan. If not, enhance your biosecurity plan.

Are caretakers trained in biosecurity?

Encourage caretakers to watch the videos available under Biosecurity Training Materials.


Biosecurity Plan Examples

Biosecurity Plan: Separate building layout

Biosecurity Plan: Enclosed walkway layout


Signs and Posters


Do Not Enter – Cross only at Biosecure Entry Point: English/Spanish

Authorized Personnel Only: English | Spanish

Biosecure Entry Ahead: English | Spanish


Download or order free posters!.

Travel Biosecurity

Hosting International Visitors


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